Historic ICAS Congress in Russia a Great Success

Bonn, Germany – Monday, 6 October 2014

The 29th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS) took place in St Petersburg, Russia from 7–12 September. “This was the first ICAS Congress to be held in Russia and it has successfully continued the traditions of the previous great Congresses dating back to 1958”, announced ICAS President, Prof. Murray Scott of Australia’s CRC for Advanced Composite Structures.


A round-up of day four

On September 11, as part of ICAS 2014, a plenary session was held on the future of aviation, organized by the International Forum for Aviation Research (IFAR). It was attended by the heads of the leading aviation research organizations within IFAR.


A round-up of day three

As usual, the congress began with a plenary session.


A round-up of the second day

The second day of the international congress ICAS 2014 has drawn to a close. The TsAGI press service provides an overview of the key events.


ICAS 2014 opens

The 29th international congress ICAS 2014 opened in St. Petersburg on September 8.


Poster presentation

Poster presentation schedule and touch-screens layout are available.

ICAS Executive Committee news

May 5, 2014, the ICAS Executive Committee meeting took place in Beijing. The LOC report on ICAS-2014 Congress preparation course has become one of the key subjects of agenda. In this relationship the reports of Alexander Filatiev, LOC Deputy Chairperson and of Nataliya Butynina, Congress operator, CBTC representative, were heard.


Venue for Congress reception is finally confirmed

Congress reception will be organized in the amazing former Russian residence of the imperial family—Catherine's palace in the Tsarskoe Selo.


The EU-Russia Year of Science 2014 Program embraces the 29 ICAS congress.

The EU-Russia Year of Science 2014 is a joint initiative of the EU-Commission and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation organised with the EU Member States across the EU and Russia. Its objective is to highlight the achievements and the potential of the rich science and research cooperation between Russia and Europe.

Registration is open

Registration for ICAS 2014 is now open at the web site of the Congress operator: City Booking and Travel Centre. Please follow the link to their website.

ICAS paper call

ICAS Programme Committee meeting will take place in Capetown from  the 1 to 6 of September 2013. The main  objective of this PC meeting is the paper selection for ICAS-2014. There are  more than 1000 papers have been submitted by this time. PC experts are now in  the process of the papers examination and evaluation. The final selection will  be held in Capetown.

TsAGI is Actively Preparing for ICAS-2014

In its capacity as an organizer, TsAGI is actively preparing for the ICAS-2014 International Congress, which will be held for the first time in Russia, on September 7–12, 2014, in St. Petersburg.


A Crouch Start at ICAS-2014

The submission of summaries of presentations for the ICAS-2014, which will be held in Russia (St. Petersburg) for the first time in the half-century history of the ICAS (International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences), on September 7–12, 2014, deadline date is extended up to the 31th July 2013.

As a result, the organizers of the ICAS-2014 Congress, TsAGI, the Central Institute of Aviation Motors and the Moscow Aviation Institute conducted an enlarged session of the Organizing Committee of ICAS-2014 in late June in Zhukovsky. Administrators and representatives of the aerospace universities of Voronezh, Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Perm, Rybinsk, Samara and Chelyabinsk as well as the State Polytechnical University and the St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace of participated in the organizing committee for the first time. The last two universities are among the main co-organizers of the Congress.


The Applications Acceptance Process Deadline Date is Extended

The acceptance of applications for oral, stand and plenary presentations at the 29th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences is extended up to the 31th of July 2013. The ICAS-2014 Congress will be held in St. Petersburg on September 7–12, 2014.